About NODC

Welcome to the  Seychelles National Oceanographic Data Center which was established in 1997 under the umbrella of Seychelles Fishing Authority in accordance with IODE-ODINAFRICA project. 

The Seychelles National Oceanographic Data Center is dedicated to serve the ocean and coastal scientific community in data and information management.  The development of sound, rational and informed decisions and developmental strategies for the management of marine and coastal resources will depend to a great extent on the availability and use of scientific and technical information in a form that can be readily understood and applied. The Seychelles NODC intends to fulfill this role by providing a service to access marine data and information for the sustainable development of the Seychelles Islands.

Seychelles National Oceanographic Data Centre is a joint implementation of the Seychelles Fishing Authority (SFA) and the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO, under the ODINAfrica Project.

The core objectives of the center are to:

  • To archive and make available to users selected data or data products
  • To maintain a database/metadata and make inventories by area of responsibility on national and regional marine related data
  • Maintain contact and exchanges with National Oceanographic Data Centres around the world
  • Assist users in ocean data access, management, quality control, and data visualization and interpretation

The SFA is the government Executive Agency for fisheries research, management, development and administration of the Seychelles fisheries. It is involved in other branches of marine sciences. It is the primary organisation for the management and conservation living marine resources. Its capacity extends from academic and operational fisheries research, fisheries oceanography, aquaculture, coral reef research, coastal zone sciences and management (Fisheries focus), marine pollution, natural resource assessment and economics, marine and coastal geographical information systems, institutional and policy analysis and development of natural resources.

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